Boost of the Best Live Instagram Followers

Followers number is one of the most important indicators of the account’s success. That is why it is considered as the most desired aim. Popular users often make giveaways when they reach the goal. Also, a big part of the Instagram audience is involved in the purchase of new followers. As a result, many people wonder: what is the average price of one or a thousand of followers, views and other features.


  • Boost of the best live Instagram followers

  • Why is followers boost needed

  • Social guarantee

  • Surprise

  • The more followers, the more likes

  • What are the differences of offer, paid following on Instagram

Boost of the best live Instagram followers

So, after analyzing all the available options on the Internet, the cost varies from 600 to 1,500 rubles for 1000 followers ($10 – $20). The indicator may change, this is influenced by a number of factors, including the type of audience and account quality. What is also important is the country where the follower’s account is located. In this social network there is a huge number of functions. Therefore, the price for boosting various parameters will vary. For example, if you need to get 1000 views, the price will start from 500 rubles ($10).

Pay attention to the reputation of the service when choosing a site. If it takes the top positions by the corresponding requests and has a large number of LIVE feedbacks, it can be trusted to. It is also strongly recommended to read information about the site on the third-party sources.

Why is followers boost needed

Before discussing the difference of types of personal account followers, one should understand why this kind of followers is needed, as well as whom and why might need these services. The purchase might be caused by:

Social guarantee

The more followers there are on your page, the more quickly a new user will trust you. Often they are guided by the impression, that if someone has many followers, it means there is something interesting in the account.


After all, it is always fun to watch the reaction of relatives and friends on how much your popularity has grown in a day.

The more followers, the more likes

The more followers you have, the more likes you will receive. It is especially true if you buy live accounts.

These were just the main benefits of buying followers. However, it is worth mentioning that in the history of Instagram there are known cases when stars or other so popular people bought boost to save their image.

What are the differences of offer, paid following on Instagram?

A factor that strongly influences the total cost of followers is the quality of the account offered by the service. At the moment, the most relevant for the purchase are offer and paid accounts. Do you know what it means? The information below can help you to understand the differences between these accounts.

  • Offer accounts. Each service working with boost, has its own database. These accounts are bots. When you purchase this service, several of these are added to your account immediately. More than 90% of followers are fakes or bots. You cannot be banned for this. However, there is no sense to expect an increase in the channel’s activity.
  • Paid followers. These accounts appear from various exchanges. Unlike the previous ones, these pages are managed by live users who can comment, follow and put likes for earning money. Thus these are called ‘Paid followers’. However, immediately after receiving the money, they can immediately unfollow you.

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