Instagram for Business. How to Increase the Number of your Instagram Followers?

With the development of the popular social network Instagram, the database of users registered in it is growing, including those who have business on the Internet. For them it is very important to gain a certain number of followers, because otherwise their sales or services will get to minimal, or equal zero. So, how to get more new people interested in your page?


  • Increase the number of followers
  • Originality and friendliness
  • Hashtags
  • Reposts
  • Copywriting
  • Variety of content
  • Other resources
  • Showing respect and popular groups

Increase the number of followers on Instagram for business

First of all, it is important to understand that Instagram is doing everything possible so that users feel as comfortable as possible within this social network. For example, recently programmers of the resource have released an application allowing them to insert photos into the text, this could add a certain mood and thereby affect the feelings of readers. Thanks to this, Instagram for business has become even friendlier, allowing to gain a substantial number of followers. And this is not it, as the programming part is of vital importance for the administration.

Originality and friendliness

Also, the page should be given a zest and ensure that the visitors feel the friendly atmosphere, the creator of which sometimes slightly goes beyond the formal framework of communication with the new friends, who may become his future customers.


Modern online resources do not get to the top based only on feelings: ​​on the ordinary websites, the owners use certain keywords that can be viewed by request in Yandex and Google. Similar ‘keywords’ are also found in social networks, and recently this is happening more and more often. These are called hashtags. They are recognized by the hashtag symbol, which stands in front of the word without a space after it. These words are also written without spaces (as one word), even if they make up phrases, including long ones. And by the way, don’t use too many hashtags.


Be sure to share photos, corresponding to the niche chosen for online business, on your Instagram page with other people. However, one should not keep this rule strictly, since even an irrelevant joke can easily give a potential customer some rest, or maybe find a kindred spirit, allowing to find interesting ideas on the page.


Promotion of pages on such resources as Instagram is SMM. This abbreviation stands for Social Media Marketing. And for a successful climbing the ladder, it would be nice to study copywriting techniques, which should not be confused with ordinary web-writing (and this happens quite often) and learn how to use them in practice.

However, copywriting takes time, and therefore for a business owner who is inexperienced in this area, the ideal option would be to include a good specialist from the industry. But you need to do this only in the case when you can afford it, because a person who knows the rules and principles of Internet marketing perfectly well (the copywriter) will not cost cheap.

A variety of content

The visitor should not be bored, and therefore it would be wise to add colors to his reading and viewing pictures with some video. It can be both useful and entertaining. But the latter should not be used too often, since the page was originally created not for causing surprise from the potential customers by doing something not to the topic.

Other resources

If nobody knows about a page on Instagram, it’s necessary to share it with friends and followers in other social networks, forums, or with the visitors of sites, read by a businessman in need of increasing his followers number on Instagram and joining discussions under the posts. Here you need to pay attention to whether forums and websites allow you to leave links leading to your page.

Show respect and popular groups

It is important to respond to all comments on your page. And for those who have budget for development, it is better to find a promoted group, to agree with its administrator about advertising at the top, which will be seen by thousands or even millions of people during 1 – 3 days for a fee. However, this method should not be used if there is not enough information on the page: first you need to place at least basic content, otherwise the money spent will not pay off.

If you own an online business and have read this article till the end, you can be sure that now you know exactly how to increase the number of your Instagram followers.

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