Is it Possible to Buy Real Instagram Followers for Cheap?

Instagram is considered to be one of the best platforms for promoting an individual brand or business. A large number of followers gives considerable advantages for this. If several years ago the boost was used by rare account owners, but nowadays more and more people prefer using it.


  • Real followers for cheap

  • Types of followers

  • Choice of service

  • Limitations

Can I buy real Instagram followers for cheap?

The bigger is the number of likes and followers in the Instagram account, the greater is the brand awareness, positive attitude towards the company, and the sooner new customers appear, and the profit increases accordingly. Cheap Instagram followers, purchased through specialized services, will speed up the process of any account’s promotion significantly.

In order to gain a large number of followers in the normal mode, sometimes it takes a longer time. But in order for a business to develop dynamically, it is necessary to speed up this process as much as possible.

The number of followers is considered to be the main indicator of the popularity and relevance of the company, a symbol of trust. The absolute majority of Internet users pay attention to the number of followers for internal psychological reasons. People often base their individual decisions on the opinion of the majority, which is a natural in the course of the society’s development.

To increase the popularity and number of followers, you can use the contemporary ways of promotion on Instagram, which will not break the internal rules.

Types of followers

 The price on the followers purchase is formed depending on their types:

  • Bots are considered to be the cheapest. They are mainly used for mass, because they do not give neither likes, nor reposts.
  • Offers are added to the page from the service database and can show some activity.
  • Paid followers are recorded from the Instagram exchanges. This category for the local equivalent of money puts likes and writes comments.
  • Ones from mutual following, i.e. accounts start following each other.
  • Live followers are the most expensive. However, this option is the most productive and fully pays off.

Choosing a service for buying cheap real followers

If you would like to buy real followers for your account, you need to select the service carefully. In order to get the most effective result, you need to pay special attention to the following nuances:

  • Check rating of the service and feedback about it on the third-party sites. It is preferable to apply for such a service at the well proven sites with a lot of positive feedbacks.
  • Registration on the site or giving the access to the account should give an alert to the customer. The ideal option will be to provide a link to your account and email address without a compulsory registration.
  • Payment method. Using the large payment systems will allow to secure the transaction and minimize the risk of fraud from the service.
  • Cost. The high price cannot be a confirmation of the high quality of the services provided, because there is an opportunity that they apply to the intermediation role services taking percentage from the transaction. However, there are many sites that provide high-quality services for a relatively low payment.
  • To begin with, it is recommended to make a test order for a small number of followers. After that, making sure in the quality and speed of work, order the volume you need.

Following these principles, you can easily choose a service, and avoid the risk of meeting scammers or non-professionals.


Contemporary conditions do not always allow you to boost Instagram followers quickly. The internal policy of the social network does not allow fraudulent actions with the account, so they are closely watching the sharp increase of followers’ number. If earlier it was possible to pay and get thousands of followers without thinking about restrictions, now you need to follow some rules:

  • Unfollowing others after following 60 accounts can be done only in an hour;
  • Post not more than 60 likes or comments per hour;
  • Comments should not be identical.

For the accounts less than six months old, these numbers should be divided by half. In case of violation of the rules, the account may be blocked for a certain period.

Buying real and cheap Instagram followers is not difficult, especially with this type of services that widespread.

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